Universal USB Installer

Clever USB-based software that helps install Linux onto personal computers

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Universal USB Installer
Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer creates Linux installations that you can launch from a pen drive.

One of the advantages Linux offers users is its sheer amount of options. A knowledgeable user can customize a distribution to fit his or her particular needs. It’s even possible to create an instance of Linux that you boot from, for instance, a USB flash drive. This gives you a Linux installation you can take with you or only boot into when you need that particular configuration.

This is where Universal USB Installer comes in to play. This is a program for Windows that lets you create Linux bootable USB flash drives. Have Windows as your primary OS and boot into Linux only when you need it. This is also a very convenient tool for experimentation since it makes it easy to make adjustments and then discard the results if you’re not pleased with them.

Universal USB Installer is easy to use. Select a supported Linux distribution. Point it to an ISO. Point it to the drive to make bootable. Select the Create button. That’s it. There’s also a few options, such as formatting the drive first, setting a persistent file size and exposing all available drives. Although easy to use, Universal USB Installer is not foolproof. It expects some user knowledge, and if you’re not careful, it’s possible to overwrite a drive accidently.

The installation process occurs over three stages and is relatively fast. As it installs, it displays a log that informs you of what’s transpiring and any errors that may be occurring if applicable. It’s worth noting that not all Linux distributions are supported. The program requires specific support for a distro, and while the developers do add support on a regular basis, if the distro you want isn’t supported at that time, you’re simply out of luck for the time being.

It’s also worth noting that there are some compatibility issues with USB flash drives. Some pen drives simply won’t work. If you’re buying a drive specifically for use with this program, you’ll want to identify the features Universal USB Installer requires and then research USB flash drives accordingly.


  • Makes bootable Linux USB drives
  • Convenient tool for experimentation


  • Not compatible with all USB drives

Universal USB Installer allows users to install Live Linux or full Linux installation ISOs on a USB thumb drive. This software is ideal for those who want to run Live Linux or install full versions of Linux on multiple computers that lack an optical disk drive. Its interface is incredibly simple, such that even novice users can try their hand at multiple Linux platforms - without extensive programming abilities or knowledge of terminal window commands. This is an absolutely indispensable, ultra-portable tool for computer repair technicians as well as network administrators.

Simple Three-Step Installation Procedure

Insert the USB stick into the slot and identify its drive letter. Then, simply open the user interface and select the Linux distribution that you wish to install. Next, select your ISO's location, select your drive letter, and hit the “Create” button. The installer does the rest automatically. There is an optional step to create a persistent file size if users want to save changes to the operating system between reboots.

File Recovery Made Easy

In case of an unrecoverable operating system failure, Universal USB Installer allows users to boot their hardware from their Pen Drive in Linux, mount their hard drive and recover lost files. If the computer does not automatically boot from USB, set the BIOS to boot from this option first.

Remove Malware and Viruses

If a Windows or Mac machine is infected with a virus or malware that is resisting removal, the computer can be booted from the thumb drive to explore and remove malignant files.

Try Linux Distributions

This is a great option for those who wish to try different Linux distributions before making any permanent changes to their computer. Users can also have the benefits of a dual-boot machine without risking the possible damages that may occur to their hard drive when altering partitions.

Bring Your Own OS

This installer creates your own personalized, portable operating system with your favorite bookmarks, games, files, applications and email settings. Remarkably, it is easy to bring that system with you as you can carry on your key chain or in your pocket. All you need is a computer that can boot from a USB.

Have a Computer With a Dead Hard Drive?

Believe it or not, you don't even need a hard drive to run a computer anymore. The entire operating system can be run from the pen drive, so this free program can bring new life to old or broken computers. A 6GB flash drive with your favorite Linux OS and the largest persistence option will bring a dead machine with a working motherboard back to life, making it useful once again.


  • Works with nearly every version of Linux
  • Persistence option to save changes to ISO between reboots
  • Very simple and intuitive interface
  • Creates a portable operating system that can be taken with you and used with any computer
  • It's 100% free for personal use


  • Will only create Linux-based pen drives
  • Pen drive must be formatted to Fat 16/Fat32 or NTFS, other formatting options are not supported
  • Dose not work with Windows 98/NT
  • Requires BIOS settings that can boot from USB
  • Installation using the persistence option is a little slow
  • Does not support multiple boot options

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